Haribo personnel happy at colorful team event

Haribo personnel happy at colorful team event


A team event at the top floor of a giant building? Not a problem at all for Cum Laude. For gummy and jelly sweets manufacturer Haribo, we recently put together an unforgettable ‘Happy’ event, complete with cheerful colors – illuminating Led balls, anyone? – and fun assignments – the Chamallows Challenge! At the end of the day, everyone went home with a smile on their faces. Mission accomplished …
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original teambuilding

Organizing an original teambuilding? Leave it to Cum Laude!


Building a better team together – that’s what the ‘Domino Run’ is all about. Domino, you say? That’s right. The colored blocks you used to play with for hours as a child, ensure a day of unadulterated youth sentiment. Looking for something a bit more active? In that case the thrilling ‘Outdoor Team Spirit Trophy’ is right up your alley! Whatever you end up choosing, Cum Laude will see to it that your teambuilding activity is impeccably taken care of.

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teambuilding event domino run

Mensura’s teambuilding / domino event is one for the history books


To celebrate Mensura’s merger with Adhesia, the company – specialized in creating safe and healthy working conditions – organized a teambuilding event … with Cum Laude’s help, naturally. The Egg in Brussels became the scene for an unforgettable ‘Domino Run’ as Mensura staff members built their 53.000 stone (!) creation in under 2 hours – a new Belgian record!

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ERA award night gatsby

Great Gatsby party astonishes ERA staff


An award ceremony in true Great Gatsby style – the staff of real-estate agent ERA didn’t know what hit them that cold winter evening in January. Tastefully decorated in smashing roaring twenties style, the Zuiderkroon in Antwerp proved to be the ideal setting for an unforgettable celebratory night of merriment and laughter.

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locatie bedrijfsfeest

How to find the perfect event location?


Finding a suitable location for your business event or staff party may seem easier than it actually is. How big does the venue need to be in order for every guest to feel at ease? And what about parking space? Finding your dream location means taking into account every little detail. Don’t worry though; we’re here to help.

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opening gebouw

Opening ceremony Nextel building: a unique 360° experience


Coming up with a fun party concept to celebrate a new office building is quite a challenge. However, we pulled it off for Nextel. How? We let the glass building inspire us and proposed to build a 360° experience around it. The opening ceremony was an instant success.

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nieuwjaarsreceptie uitnodiging

A successful New Year reception starts with the invitation


Want to throw a killer New Year reception party? Than you’d better get your invitation sorted out! You know what they say: “The more, the merrier! Sending an impersonal invitation or an uninspired email is definitely not the way to go when you want to lure a lot of clients or suppliers. What you need is an invitation that tickles the curiosity of your invitees.

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