Organizing an original teambuilding? Leave it to Cum Laude!


Building a better team together – that’s what the ‘Domino Run’ is all about. Domino, you say? That’s right. The colored blocks you used to play with for hours as a child, ensure a day of unadulterated youth sentiment. Looking for something a bit more active? In that case the thrilling ‘Outdoor Team Spirit Trophy’ is right up your alley! Whatever you end up choosing, Cum Laude will see to it that your teambuilding activity is impeccably taken care of.

Organizing an original teambuilding is a real challenge

Love it or hate it, but a successful teambuilding can do wonders for the atmosphere in the workplace. Finding an original and interesting teambuilding activity, however, is not an easy thing to do. In fact, it can be quite challenging. With the Domino Run we offer an affordable and extremely original activity everyone – no matter what age – will enjoy.

What is the Domino Run?

As a child you have probably spent more than a few Wednesday afternoons playing with your Domino blocks. Now imagine having all that fun all over again, together with your colleagues. Pure nostalgia! You won’t be building just anything, mind you. A team of professionals gives you the proper guidance so that, at the end of the day, you will have built a beautiful creation that you and your entire team can take pride in. The company logo in Domino blocks? No problem!

Going for an active outdoor teambuilding activity

Are you looking for a more active teambuilding? Then the Outdoor Team Spirit Trophy – an active day of teambuilding your colleagues will remember for a long time – might just be your cup of tea. We ease into the day with some tai chi, but after that, the real fun begins with a series of exciting activities. The program includes, among others, a giant sling shot (which is every bit as fun as it sounds), frisbee (relive your childhood), twin soccer (you have to see it to believe it), tangram (for you puzzle fans out there), world ball and much, much more …

Taking a Segway tour, shouting and yelling with a ‘haka

After the pick-nick we make a fun trip by tandem (fun for two) or by Segway (gliding over the asphalt). One well-deserved snack later, we put our heads together and come up with a ‘haka’. A what? Hakas are traditional war cries by the Maori from New Zealand. It provides energy, brings connectedness, and signifies power. A true match for you and you colleagues!

We end the day with a cozy barbecue. If the weather doesn’t comply, we move all of our activities indoors. The weather gods won’t have any say in your teambuilding day.

Try one of these original teambuilding activities

  • Feel one with nature during a sheep or horse herding workshop.
  • Relive your youth with a graffiti initiation.
  • Discover the world by Vespa.
  • Or anything else you can think of … We’ll make it happen!