Haribo personnel happy at colorful team event


A team event at the top floor of a giant building? Not a problem at all for Cum Laude. For gummy and jelly sweets manufacturer Haribo, we recently put together an unforgettable ‘Happy’ event, complete with cheerful colors – illuminating Led balls, anyone? – and fun assignments – the Chamallows Challenge! At the end of the day, everyone went home with a smile on their faces. Mission accomplished …

A fun and meaningful team event for the Belgian and Dutch colleagues, in a loose atmosphere to boot: that’s basically what Haribo had in mind when they contacted us. And this is what we came up with …

Haribo Happy Feeling team event

The decoration of the site in Antwerp was at least as important as the team event itself. What we definitely needed: a lot of colors! Just like the colorful sweets, the venue had to bathe in color. And that’s exactly what we did. From the chairs to the lighting and all the attributes: literally everything was colorful and … happy!

Start the day with a happy team photo

The Happy team event had one goal: to bring together the Belgian and Dutch colleagues – who didn’t know each other all too well – by having them participate in a wide range of fun and joyful activities. As you might have guessed, it became a day of experiences for our participants. Some of the assignments they were presented:

  • Pose for a fun team photo with the Haribo mascot
  • Give the Haribo mini bus a new coat of paint … with graffiti
  • The Haribo Chamallows Challenge: build the highest possible construction with spaghetti sticks and Haribo Chamallows.

The day was a fun way to make clear that there are some cultural and social differences between the Dutch and the Flemish. A burst of laughter was therefore never far away. As we said before: everyone went home happy.